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Ways you can protect Hawaii's Reef Life

  • Stand only in sandy area, in the bay.
  • Do not stand on the reef.
  • The rocky area are covered with a thin layer of living organisms, including young corals. This is the reef. These living things are very delicate, so simply touching them can cause harm. Avoid contact with the reef.
  • Enjoy watching the fish,
  • but don't feed, chase or touch them.
  • Human food are not recommended for fish. Even commercially prepared fish foods is not a good idea since it changes fish behavior and distribution.
  • Try not to stir up sand while swimming.
  • If you want to see lots of fish, swim smoothly and calmly. Sand and sediments can smother reef life and lower visibilty.
  • Pick up trash in the water or on the beach and place it in a garbage can.
  • Plastic bags are often blown into the water by the wind. Sea turtles can mistake these plastic bags for jellyfish, their natural food. If they eat plastic, they can get very sick or die.
  • Use only waterproof sunscreen.
  • Sunscreen washes off in the water and acts as a pollutant. Please use only waterproof sunscreen or wear a T-shirt when you swim.
  • Use the restroom, not the reef.
  • Urine adds unwanted nutrients to the water. Please use the restrooms at the preserve.
  • Do not remove anythink natural from the preserve.
  • Avoid handling any marine life, for their safety and yours. Leave everything that belongs here. Take only photos and great memories away with you.
  • Spread the word.
  • Take the time to teach others how to take care of Hawaii's living reefs.

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