Hanauma Bay Hawaii Snorkeling Tips

Snorkeling Tips

  • Be Prepared - Rent high quality snorkel gear from your favorite beach gear rental shop.  Properly fitted fins and mask, de-fogger, sun screen and fish ID card will make snorkeling much safer and more enjoyable.  Also, it is recommended that you check out booties to protect your feet especially when entering and exiting the water.  Check the weather to find out surf, tide, and wind information. 

  • Be Careful - Never snorkel in high surf conditions!  Also, never snorkel alone, check your equipment fit and function with your buddy.  Keep your hair out of your mask.  Position the snorkel correctly.  Make sure you are comfortable.  Now, ease yourself into the water and practice in the shallows.  Once you feel relaxed and confident, venture into deeper waters, but never beyond the capabilities of your buddy.  Snorkel equipment will not make you a better swimmer, so go no further than you would have without the gear.  If either you or your buddy begins to feel tired, cold, or anxious, return to shore.

  • Be Respectful and Have Fun - The reef is a living animal.  What may look like merely rocks and plants are most likely thousands of tiny organisms trying to build a home.  Therefore, enter, exit, and rest only on sandy bottoms and bare lava.  Just touching coral can destroy it.  Also, never stand on a any coral because it can be very fragile.  Never dive in!  To view the hawaiian fish best, approach slowly, you'll find they respond best to the passive viewer.  The Hawaiian green sea turtles (Honu) are protected by law, so do not touch them or disturb them, and they will probably swim to you.  Enjoy your snorkeling in Hawaii, we recommend buying or renting an underwater camera to film our splendid sea life.

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