Hanauma Bay Nature Park Fees

The current fees at Hanauma Bay are $1.00 per car to park and $7.50 per person to enter. The entrance fee is waived for children under 13 and for residents of Hawaii with proof of residency. Changes are possible at any time; for the latest information call the recorded information line at (808) 396-4229.

There are 300 parking spaces at Hanauma Bay. Once the parking lot is full, the entrance into Hanauma Bay is closed. The entrance is reopened after so many cars leave. If you drive by and the parking is full, keep checking back every 20 -30 minutes. Do not stop and block traffic and ask the guards when the parking lot will be open or other places to park. There are no other places to park without being towed.

On our guided snorkel tours, we are allowed into the park when the lot is full. Taxi's are also allowed into the park when the parking lot is full.


TEL: (808) 256-8956




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CANCELLATION POLICY: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel any reservation. A full refund will be paid on any reservation canceled prior to this minimum notice. In the event of dangerous weather or ocean conditions, we may cancel your tour, you may choose to transfer your activity to a later date or receive a full refund.