SCUBA HALL OF FAME: Honoring Diving Pioneers

Welcome to the SCUBA Hall of Fame, a tribute to the remarkable men and women whose passion for skin and scuba diving has left an indelible mark on the history of underwater exploration. This esteemed list features individuals whose contributions are so vast that a brief summary only scratches the surface of their profound impact.

Dick Anderson





















Summary: Underwater photographer, humorist, and scuba equipment inventor, Dick Anderson's journey spans from spearfishing off Malibu to developing innovative diving equipment. A key figure in the film industry, he worked on iconic productions like "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and contributed significantly to the evolution of diving technology.



Jim Auxier

Auxier, Jim - Co-founder of Skin Diver Magazine. Before Skin Diver magazine, communication between divers was about as good as Indian smoke signals on a rainy day. Divers wanted their diving spots to themselves and resented any other diver who intruded. They barely grunted in acknowledgement if they got close to each other. But all that began to change in December of 1951 with introduction of the first national magazine devoted to diving.

Bill Barada

Barada, Bill - Founder of Los Angeles Neptunes and manufacturerBill Barada started skin diving off the coast of Southern California in 1935 when the sport was called Goggle Fishing. His first dive was off Laguna Beach, armed with a pair of goggles and a spear pole made of an old broomstick and a frog gig. Since those early days he has explored the underwater world from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from Canada to the Caribbean. Barada has, at one time or another, engaged in underwater hunting, competition diving, underwater photography, underwater salvage and construction, rescue operations and recovery.

Dick Bonin

Bonin, Dick - Pioneer manufacturer.Scubapro is one of the largest and most successful diving companies in the world. Founded by Dick Bonin and Gustav Dallavalle in 1963, the company has enjoyed three decades of prosperity and growth.

Boren, Lamar - Underwater photographer, stuntman, instructor.Cinematographer Lamar Boren spent over 40 years in films and on television.

The Old Man and the Sea (1958)

Flipper (1963)

Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion (1965)

Namu, the Killer Whale (1966)

Brewster McCloud (1971)

Blakeslee, Chuck - Co-founder of Skin Diver Magazine.


Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges - Fictional):

Summary: While fictional, the character of Mike Nelson, portrayed by Lloyd Bridges in the TV series "Sea Hunt," played a significant role in popularizing scuba diving. The show, which ran from 1958 to 1961, contributed to the growth of recreational diving and inspired a generation to explore the underwater world.


Carpenter, Scott - Inerspace and outerspace explorer and scientist.

Scott Carpenter
NASA Astronaut (former)

Scott Carpenter, a dynamic pioneer of modern exploration, has the unique distinction of being the only human ever to penetrate both inner and outer space, thereby acquiring the dual title, Astronaut/Aquanaut.

On leave of absence from NASA, Carpenter participated in the Navy's Man-in the-Sea Project as an Aquanaut in the SEALAB II program off the coast of La Jolla, California, in the summer of 1965. During the 45-day experiment, Carpenter spent 30 days living and working on the ocean floor. He was team leader for two of the three ten-man teams of Navy and civilian divers who conducted deep sea diving activities based in a sea floor habitat at a depth of 205 feet.

Christiansen, Jim - Co-founder of Scubapro and champion spearfisherman.

Church, Ron - Underwater photographer.

Clark, Bob - Founder of SSI.

Clark, Dr. Eugenie - Scientist.


Dr. Clark's adventurous spirit extends to the depths of the ocean. Having undertaken an impressive 71 deep submersible dives, she has explored the mysteries of the underwater world. Her latest research projects delve into the behavior of tropical sand fishes and deep-sea sharks, with 12 articles featured in National Geographic magazine documenting these captivating studies..


Jacques Cousteau:

Summary: A pioneer of marine conservation and underwater exploration, Jacques Cousteau co-invented the Aqua-Lung, revolutionizing scuba diving. His documentaries, such as "The Silent World," brought the wonders of the ocean to the world, inspiring countless individuals to explore and protect marine environments.



Buster Crabbe: A Dive into Athletic Stardom and Hollywood Glory

Growing up amidst the splendor of Hawaii, Crabbe honed his swimming skills to perfection. The pinnacle of his aquatic prowess came in 1932 when he clinched the gold medal in the 400-meter swimming event at the Olympics, breaking the record set by fellow actor-athlete Johnny Weissmuller.

Hollywood Odyssey: Following his Olympic conquest, Crabbe plunged into Hollywood's embrace. While initially recognized as Tarzan, he swiftly transcended this role to portray an array of iconic characters, including Flash Gordon, Billy the Kid, and Buck Rogers. His charismatic performances made him a beloved figure among young audiences, and he eventually graced over 100 films.

Cronin, John - Co-founder of PADI.

16 July, 2003. The diving industry today is mourning the loss of the man who introduced more than 10 million people into the sport of scuba diving. John J. Cronin, co-founder and CEO of PADI, The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, died yesterday at his home in Temecula, California at the age of 74. Cronin, one of the most influential men in the diving industry and current President of The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) would have completed his 50th year in the industry next year.


Sylvia Earle 


Summary: A marine biologist and oceanographer, Sylvia Earle shattered gender barriers in the diving world. Her record-breaking deep-sea dives and extensive research efforts have made her a leading voice in marine science and conservation. Earle founded Mission Blue, advocating for marine protected areas.




Empleton, Bernie - Architect of the national YMCA program.

Erickson, Ralph - Co-founder of PADI

Fisher, Mel - Early diving retailer and famed treasure hunter.

Frazier, Dottie - First female diving instructor.

Norma Hanson and Dottie Frazier, two trailblazers who had the courage and ability to enter the man's world of commercial diving in the 1950s, demonstrated then the same attributes that are still necessary to succeed today.


Giddings, Al - Underwater cinematographer.

Al Giddings has earned a reputation as one of the most creative and talented director - producer - cinematographers in the entertainment industry. Never settling for off-the-shelf technology, Giddings is constantly designing innovative camera, lighting, and optical systems in all film and video formats, from large-format to high definition television.

This brief glimpse into the lives of these diving pioneers merely scratches the surface of their profound contributions. The SCUBA Hall of Fame stands as a testament to their enduring legacy and the rich tapestry they've woven into the history of skin and scuba diving.


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